"A Family Fish Story"

The first thing you may notice upon entering Harbor Fish & Chips is the large display of mounted fish on the walls, but the reason you walked in just may have been the inviting aroma emanating from this Oceanside Landmark.

This family owned and operated restaurant was started in July of 1969 by a long time commercial fishing family, Doug and Sally McWha. Sally passed away in 1975, but her personal touches still linger on at this popular well known restaurant. You'll find her original homemade recipes for tartar sauce, cocktail sauce, and the big favorite, fresh coleslaw all made from scratch and served proudly by owner Terry Cross, Sally's son-in-law.

Sally's high standards of good service are reflected in the friendly, polite smiling faces that greet you as you place your order. The quality meals she worked so hard for have given Harbor Fish & Chips the famous reputation it enjoys today.

Visiting Harbor Fish & Chips is an adventure in itself. Come and enjoy old style friendliness, awesome views, good food and meander through the countless memorabilia and photos of great fishing days gone by. Most of all, sit back and relax in the peacefulness and beauty of the Oceanside Harbor surrounded by fantasies of yesteryear.

Read an entry from Sally McWha's Diary, or an article from Ocean Magazine about our Owner Terry Cross. Click on the names to read their stories.